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Why should I buy from you?
We are uniquely different from other graphic reproduction companies simply because our background is graphics and we are qualified, trained professionals in this field. Others are generally motorcycle related businesses who have decided to dabble in the graphics industry hoping to cash in on the current interest in vintage motorcycles.

Why is you price a little higher than another company?
Sometimes we are more expensive and sometimes less. To lower costs, we could use a cheaper process but our customers have come to expect the best and we certainly couldn't offer that using an inkjet printer. Our colors are printed as "spot colors". This means the colors are printed one at a time and deliver a solid, uniform and consistent color. Inkjet or "solvent based" printers apply all colors at one time which sounds great, but is it? Not really. This process is quick and more cost effective but the quality suffers. What you get is a color that is inconsistent and made up of other colors which results in a finish that looks textured.

How accurate are your decals?

As close to the original as you can get. We only work from originals and go to great lengths to ensure all of our products are the best possible reproductions. Older printing methods were less than perfect and in the interest of accurate reproduction, we will include these flaws. Our artist has 20 years of experience in the graphics/printing industry as well as many years of experience with motorcycle restoration.

After purchasing, when are my decals shipped?
Orders are shipped the next business day on all in-stock items. We keep most items in our product line in stock and if it is not, we'll let you know and get it printed ASAP.

What if my decals arrive damaged?
We package every order carefully and securely. If your package arrives damaged, please let us know immediately. Digital pictures sent to us via e-mail allow us to view the damage and take the best course of action in order to quickly resolve the problem.

Can you make decals from pictures?
Unfortunately, we cannot. There are companies out there that will. However, we pride ourselves on the accuracy of our products and working from pictures, tracings or anything but the original is just not good enough to put our name on.

Do you have a return policy?
Yes. You can return items for a refund or credit. Special graphics printed in non standard "custom" colors cannot be returned for a refund. Any item must be returned within 60 days of purchase date. Retrned graphics MUST be in be returned unopened, undamaged and in the original packaging, in resellable condition or we cannot issue a refund. A 10% restocking fee applies in some cases. Please contact us before sending returned item(s).

Do you stand behind your product?
Absolutely. If there is a manufacturing flaw or defect in the materials we will gladly replace your decals. Simply send it back to us and we will replace them. This does not cover application errors.

Do you have paint codes or access to them?
No. Sorry, we do not have paint codes on file. Unlike automotive paint, motorcycle manufacturers do not have a code that you can use to order paint from a paint supplier. Most restorers use a sample of their original paint and match something as close as possible to an automotive color. You may also find this information from model specific clubs or discussion groups on the web.

Is your staff knowledgeable?
We are glad to answer any question to the best of our ability. There are so many bikes that we may not be able to answer every question you may have, but we'll do our best. Our staff are all vintage motorcycle enthusiasts.

Can I clearcoat over top of these decals?
Yes you can. We recommend it on fuel tanks and other high wear areas. Our instructions that are provided explain how, or you can view them on our web site.

Are your decals layered vinyl, inkjet or water transfers?
No. All of our products are "printed" on the highest quality materials available by companies such as 3M or Avery. In many cases, these are the same materials as the OEM used. None of our products are produced by layering different colored vinyl. Although some of the decals we have reproduced were originally "water slides" or "water transfers", we print all of our products on an adhesive substrate.

Can I call and speak to someone to order?
Yes. If you wish to order by credit card rather than purchase online or send a money order, our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you.

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