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_REPRODUCTION SEAT for 1972 H2 & 1973 H2A

Complete 1972-1973 H2 Seat
Below are some pictures and details about the new H2 seats that we are offering.
Chances are, anyone who's got an early H2 knows that the seat base alone is hard to find.
Maybe your original seat is beyond repair or you have a perfect original seat that you want to preserve
when you go riding? What could be simpler than
bolting on a brand new seat.

This reproduction seat is very well made and looks great. The foam, cover and metal trim are true to the original. The base has all of the same lines and indents as the original but it is not as nicely formed. The rubber dampers are all in the correct locations and all of the mounting points for the lock and hinges are present. All of our own early H2s are in various stages of restoration and we are not able to test fit this seat to see for ourselves. However, we are told that these seats require some minor adjustment in some cases for a good fit.



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Kawasaki H2 Complete Seat
1972 H2 & 1973 H2A

Compete seat unit includes rubber dampers & everything shown. Click here for more pictures & details.

Replica of OEM 53001-069

$329 USD plus shipping
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