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1980 KZ1000 G1 - Z1 Classic Complete Stripe Set

1980 KZ1000 G1 - Z1 Classic
Complete decal set

$99 US

Paint color: Black

Note: The large chrome area on fuel tank
is a separate metal panel and not a decal.

This complete 4 piece
decal set contains all
stripes originally found
on the fuel tank, and
sides of the 1980
KZ1000G1 Z1 Classic.

Fuel tank and side panel
stripes are 2 pieces per
side as the original.

1980 Kawasaki KZ1000 G1
1980 Z1 Classic
1980 KZ1000 G1 Badges / Emblems



Kawasaki KZ1000 Z1 Classic 1980 G1
Side Panel Badge


KS 58
$47.50 USD EACH
including worldwide postage
1980 KZ1000 G1 Parts - more available


Item #

Kawasaki KZ, KH
Locking Gas Cap
Models Listed below

Replica fuel cap includes latch and 1 roll pin & 2 keys.

Replaces OEM part 51048-012
Quality Reproduction for 1976 onward


$50 USD per set plus shipping
Contact us for shipping cost

KH250, KH400, KH500 A8, KZ900 A4, KZ900 LTD, KZ1000 LTD, KZ1000 A1, KZ1000 A2, KZ1000 A2A, KZ1000 B, KZ1000 G1, KZ200 A1, KZ200 A1A, KZ200 A2, KZ400, KZ400 A1, KZ400 A2, KZ400 D3, KZ400 D4, KZ400 S, KZ650 B, KZ650 C, KZ650 F1, KZ750 B, KZ750 G1



Item #

Kawasaki Z1 Replica Mirrors
10" Stems (set of 2)

Z1, KZ900, KZ1000 and any other make with a 10mm RH thread. Black satin finish

EMGO. Replaces OEM: 56002-021

$17.99 USD plus shipping
Contact us for shipping cost


Item #

Kawasaki Z1, KZ Oil Filter
Models listed below

Replaces OEM part 16099-002

Made in Japan to original OEM manufacturer's specifications

Sudco oil filters are made by the same manufacturers who supply oil filters to the OEM mfgs.

$5.95 USD each plus shipping
Contact us for shipping cost
KZ750B1/B2/B3/B4 (2 cyl.) '76-'79, KZ750G1 LTD (2 cyl.) '80, KZ750K1/K2 '83-'84, KZ750M1 CSR (2 cyl.) '82, Z1/A/B 900 '73-'75, KZ900A4/A5 '76-'77, KZ900B1 LTD '76, KZ1000A1/A2/A3/A4 MKII '77-'80, KZ1000B1/B2/B4 LTD '77-'80, KZ1000C1/C2/C3/C4 Police '78-'81, KZ1000D1 Z1R '78, KZ1000D3 Z1R '80, KZ1000E1/E2 Shaft ST '79-'80, KZ1000G1 LTD Classic '80, KZ1300A1/A2/A3/A4 '79-'82, KZ1300B1 Touring '80, ZM1300A1-A6 Voyager '83-'87


Item #

Fork Seals 36 mm X 48 mm X 10.5 mm
Z1/A/B 900 73-75, KZ1000A 77-80, KZ1000B 77-80, KZ1000G 80

OEM replacement

$7.99 USD plus shipping
Contact us for shipping cost
Decal & Badge prices include postage and handling worldwide

Gas tank and side covers have cast emblems.
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