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_KAWASAKI _KX250 1983
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1983 Kawasaki KX250 side decals


KX250 1983
Side Decals
(2 pcs.)
$24 US

Sold only as a set.

  1983 Kawasaki KX250
1983 KX125 Swing Arm Decals   KX250 1983
Swing Arm Decals
(2 pcs.)
$16 US
Printed on clear backing
KKX-83-125-250 Side Cover Decals
have clear laminate for added
durability and authenticity.
    Click here for information about decals on plastic gas tanks.  
by purchasing our 1983 KX250
Side Cover & Swing Arm Decals
as a set for
$36 US
Decal & Badge prices include postage and handling worldwide

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