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Kawasaki MB1 Coyote Gas Tank DecalsKawasaki MB1 Coyote Gas Tank Decals  

MB-1A Coyote
Gas Tank Decal Set
(2 pcs.)
$18 US


Printed on a clear backing

Kawasaki MB1 Coyote
Kawasaki MB1 Coyote Cover Decal  

MB-1A Coyote
Engine Cover Decal
$7 US


MB-1 not MB-1A shown above
Kawasaki MB1 Coyote Chain Guard Decal   MB-1A Coyote
Chain Guard Decal
$8 US

Kawasaki MB1 Coyote Info Decal Set   MB-1A Coyote
Information Decal Set
$12 US

Kawasaki MB1 Coyote Complete Decal Set  

MB-1A Coyote
Complete Decal Set
(7 pcs.)
$36 US


by purchasing our complete 7 pc.
1970-1971 MB-1A Coyote
Decal Kit for $36 US

Decal & Badge prices include postage and handling worldwide


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