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1970 F3 Complete Decal Set
Complete 4 piece 1970 F3 decal set
$49 US

F3 Decal Set Includes
fuel tank and side panel decals

Color: Alumitone Silver
This complete 4 piece
decal set contains all
decals originally found on
the fuel tank & sides of the
1970 F3 Bushwhacker.
1970 Bushwhacker 175
1970 Kawasaki F3 Bushwhacker decal set
1970 F3 Individual Decals
1970 Kawasaki F3 Bushwhacker fuel tank decal set   F3 Bushwhacker
Fuel Tank Decal Set
$36 US

Black stripes & KAWASAKI lettering.
1970 Kawasaki F3 Bushwhacker side panel decal set  

F3 Bushwhacker
Side Cover Decal Set
$18 US pr

Printed on chrome-like

1969-71 H1 Gas Tank Decal Gas Tank Decal
H1 & H1A
-located near filler cap-
$6 US
ISO Frame Decal ISO Decal
H1 Mach III, A1, A7
-located on frame-
$6 US
F3 Parts


Item #

Rear Shocks (set of 2)

High qualilty
replica of original OEM shocks. Measure 12" from eye mounts.

These shocks are designed to be used on early Suzuki models. These shocks look very close to the original F3 rear shocks which are now virtually unobtainable.

$99.99 USD plus shipping
Contact us for shipping cost
Decal & Badge prices include postage and handling worldwide

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